Hello, I am Chise Hachiroku!

Hello, Wanderer!

I’m Chise Hachiroku (they/them, Yang H.)

About me.

Atypical Generation Z, Singleton (by all means), Junior programmer, Quasi-Hikikomori, J-Pop & Anime lover, DATE·A·LIVE Saikou! Also, occasional last-stage Chu-2byo when online.

I have an ambition to learn more about everything about our existing digital infrastructure, practical application of Artificial Intelligence, and most importantly, realistic rendering in computer graphics.

I wish I could make a contribution to ease the workload of red-tapes from workers and allow all to express their creativity through the aids of computers, as we are moving to a brighter future .

Currently a 3rd (penultimate) year undergraduate student at Department of Computer Science of the University of Manchester, but also serve as an occasional assistant at the University’s IT Services as well.

I believe that coding shall always be innovative yet tightly disciplined.

Non-urgent advice: I am #OpenToWork for 2024 Summer Internship!

This is part of my programme, as a compulsory unit of COMP40901 Summer Industrial Project.

Although the description of the unit describes the internship need only at most 12 weeks, I am able to take on an internship for at most 3 months (13 weeks / 91 days / 64 working days), starting on or after 12 June 2024, and conclude before or on 18 September 2024.

Internship proposals are vetted for suitability and approved by the MEng Course Tutor. In general, it is expected that appropriate placements will involve some elements of design, implementation, testing and evaluation.

I have right to work full time in the UK outside term time, on a Student (Tier 4) visa; I am also able to work full time in China (excluding SARs and Taiwan Province) through citizenship.


The University of Manchester (GB)

Master of Engineering (Hons),
Computer Science (4 Years)
Sep. 2021 – Jun 2025

Changzhou Beijiao High School (CN)

Ordinary High School Diploma (China)
Two years in the Student Union.
May 2017 – Sep 2020


  • C (Programming Language)
  • C++ (Programming Language)
  • Python (Programming Language)
  • Java (Programming Language)
  • ARM32 Assembly (Progeamming Language)
  • Haskell (Programming Language)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • IT Operations and Technical support
  • HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL

I am familiarised with many common algorithms and developing skills though more than 10 years of coding experiences. Through my participation in the player-side communities and co-operations with large game companies, I am also experienced in the running and operation of ARPGs.

Language and framework wise, I also have introductory level abilities of utilising Verilog, Spring Framework, JavaScript, THREE.js, Solidity, Cadence EDA, and MangoDB. At this website and my GitHub profile you can see how I use them throughout my projects.

Test Scores

Undergraduate Course GPAs at the University of Manchester

1st Year Score: 79.81% · July 2022
2nd Year not yet finalised due to industrial actions (UCU ASOS – MAB).

Click on this section to visit the transcript page for more information and view detailed marks.

CTMUA – Cambridge Test of Mathematics for University Admission

Score: 8.3 · Nov 2020

CTMUA is same as TMUA, but it is taken by Computer Science applicants to the University of Cambridge. This mark is about top 4% of all who have taken CTMUA that year.

International Advanced Level

Score: A*A*AA

A*s in Mathematics and Further Mathematics.

As in Physics and Economics.

Awarding body: Pearson Edexcel.

IELTS – International English Language Testing System

Score: 7.5 · Aug 2020

Listening: 8.0; Reading: 7.5; Writing: 7.0; Speaking: 7.0.

This test was conducted in a secured environment in order to be able to support UK Visa application.

Contact Me

There are many ways. If you are asking for some help for some specific service of mine, you may find following addresses helpful:

Or better, you are trying to reach me, not my project, please:

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